sustainable weigh loss

More important than weight loss is healthy weight loss, without weakening the body. And make sure that the results achieved in the short term are extended to medium and long term, avoiding the rebound effect.
There are many reasons that can lead a person to overweight: inadequate lifestyle, improper diet, sedentary lifestyle, hormonal problems, stress and anxiety, among many others. Each person has their reasons.
Therefore, it is important the accurate and individualized diagnosis, so that we can act in the cause, not just in the consequence of the problem. In Kurotel, each treatment is developed in an extremely personalized way, according to the particularities of each customer.
A transdisciplinary team of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical therapists, physical educators and dermatologists carry out a thorough evaluation of each patient. We also provide laboratory testing, imaging and genetic tests, so each body is analyzed in detail.
Based on the needs of each person, treatment plans are then developed with customized activities in the clinic and the Kur Water Station Spa, the Kurotel’s SPA, which has the most modern aesthetic therapies for measures reduction.
The customers also receive guidance from professionals, so they can restructure their lifestyle when returning to everyday life. The sum of all these actions increases the effectiveness of treatment. Proof of this is the satisfaction index of the customers of Kurotel: 97%.
Unlike a spa or a medical spa, the Longevity Medical Center has long-term goals, focused on the overall health of each person. That is, the focus is health, and the consequence is the steady and sustainable weight loss.
Welcome to Kurotel’s world.