functional nutrition

The Functional Nutrition considers the individuality of each person. By adopting healthy and correct eating habits, it aims to restore the organic balance and prevent problems. Therefore, Functional Nutrition is one of the pillars of the Kur Longevity Diet.

From the investigation of the clinical history and biochemical and metabolic characteristics of each customer, our transdisciplinary team detects nutritional imbalances that generate changes in metabolism.

If one of the steps in the metabolism is not working right, even with adequate nutrition, the body will present nutritional deficiencies, and, consequently, functional as well. When there is lack of raw material for the body, some of its functions are impaired.

To correct these disorders and ensure that the body receives all the nutrients essential for its proper functioning, our nutritionists guide each customer to the correct intake of food, in quantity and quality.

Through the adoption of correct eating habits, we seek to ensure that these foods are properly digested, absorbed and used. And, also, that the products not used by the body are able to be excreted, as well as toxic substances that may have been ingested along with food.