kur group

The Kur Group comprises four companies: Kurotel - Longevity Medical Center and Spa, Kur Water Station SPA, Kur Concept and Kur Pharmacy. All united by the common goal of impacting positively the health and wellbeing of their customers. 

In Kurotel, the focus of medical work is prevention and longevity. The Kur Water Station offers treatments aiming wellness, aesthetics and relaxation. The Kur Concept develops the products that are a real success is the suites and treatment rooms of Kurotel - their lines are sold in our stores, allowing you to take to your daily routine the formulas developed exclusively by Kur experts. Finally, the Pharmacy prepares the biomolecular and herbal formulas, teas and nutritional supplements used by customers of Kurotel – products that you can also purchase in Gramado.