slimming-focused program

Losing weight is more than just reducing measurements.
You gain health and confidence for life!

It’s a decisive moment is your life. You do not want to waste time with radical diets that always bring the weight and unpleasant frustration back. This time around, you want a healthy and sustainable way of reducing weight. A recognized science-based program that really makes you confident not only for seven days, but all throughout your life.

We agree with you.

This is how it should be. And that is how we have been doing for over 30 years. Because weight loss is much more than reducing measurements for a short period of time. You must enjoy good health and gain confidence for life!

And because we believe this, we have developed a methodology based on research that leads to the cause of one’s overweight – which may be an inappropriate lifestyle, improper diet, sedentarism, hormonal problems, stress and anxiety, among many other reasons. Everyone has his own reasons.

From this study, our doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, psychologists, physical education instructors, masseurs and other professionals all huddled over your case and put together a program tailored for you, which is extremely customized.

That’s how the first week of the rest of your life starts. It’s a week of affection, care and guidance which not only changes your body but also your mind. It’s lifestyle recycling week.

We have witnessed many changes over three decades. Many stories were exciting and rewarding for us. Yours may be one of them.

So, come lose weight and change your life around in Kurotel. We're here to help you make this change happen.

Some benefits of this program:

• Increased self-esteem;
• Improved welfare and provision;
• Increased lean mass;
• Reduction measures, cellulite and sagging;
• Reduction of body fat, especially visceral fat;
• Improved breath and strength for activities;
• Reduced risk of developing heart disease and strokes;
• Improves intestinal transit;
• Reduction or normalization of blood pressure;
• Improves attention;
• Improves sexual activity;
• Reduction of triglycerides, cholesterol, glucose and insulin resistance.

What is included in a one-week slimming-focused program

  • Initial medical evaluation: evaluation of variables related to weight loss, which checks your family history, weight history, current lifestyle and its consequences. From this, a program of activities and prescriptions are organized to better use of your treatment.
  • Interview with a psychologist: a talk about your choices, life habits, relationship with food and your own body. From there, a plan is made for your next days.
  • Interview with a nutritionist: detailed check on your eating routine and possible preferences, compulsions, intolerances or allergies. This time will be used to organize your customized dieting program.
  • Customized dieting program: individually and practically furnished and oriented, so you can proceed with a healthy diet into your daily life. It is a new appointment with the nutritionist so to well sediment all information about your diet and increase maintenance success chances.
  • Assessment with physiotherapist: done by osteopathy experts, it checks your bone, joint, muscle and visceral health history as well as a physical examination of your current health status. With a very different approach, from the assessment guidelines are set and possible treatments are suggested.
  • Interview with physical educator: checks the prescription of exercise recommended by the doctor and plans for the week, by contemplating your preferences and goals.
  • Assessment with dermatologist: the doctor will conduct a clinical and aesthetic dermatological assessment and pay special attention to your skin health in terms of skin, nails and hair prevention and aging.
  • Interview at the SPA: checking of your aesthetic goals and proposed program, i.e. reduction of measurements, sagging, blemishes, and improvement of facial appearance, etc.
  • Workshop - Mind over Weight: practical workshop to reflect on the real reason for the weight gain and to help find ways to reverse this process and feel better about yourself.
  • Technical-professional monitoring: our clinical professionals are at your disposal all throughout the treatment.
  • Nursing team monitoring: with daily checking of your vital signs.
  • Preparation of customized schedule of activities and daily monitoring of program assistants: our programmers are available to align all professional information with your preferences and organize your day.
  • Functional diet: we serve seven meals a day. After medical and nutritional assessment, a certain number of calories is set, which can range from 800 to 3,500, according to your needs and goals, taking into account food intolerances as well as your metabolic function and nutritional needs. Our gourmet menu, developed by renowned chefs, is quite varied and tasty with lots of options to choose from.
  • Daily nutritional monitoring: our nutritionists will monitor all your meals, suiting your individual needs and preferences with advice on healthy eating habits.
  • Herbal medication and teas associated with treatment: natural products and supplements with medical and nutritional prescription.
  • Customized food program: furnished so you can pursue a daily healthy diet.
  • Daily group exercises guided and supervised by physical education instructors, trainers and physiotherapists: group classes raise endorphin levels - the welfare hormone - and promote self-esteem and energy expenditure, as well as integration and fun of the group being treated.
    • Hiking
    • Dance lessons
    • Body dynamics
    • Stretching
    • Weight training circuit
    • Waterball
    • Water power
    • Water gap
    • Water circuit
    • Water displacement
    • Water fluctuation
    • Pre-Pilates
    • Fitball
    • Running class
    • Yoga
    • Meditation
  • Sauna and steam: with space for rest and whirlpool.
  • Massage-therapy: three sessions. It is a manual massage therapy recommended for the relief of muscle tension and pain, which contributes to greater physical and mental relaxation.
  • Underwater massage: three sessions. Bath 100 water jets that massage the body for 20 minutes, providing intense relaxation. Recommended for circulatory problems, improves muscle tone, performs a lymphatic drainage and betters your health as a whole.
  • Extremity baths: thermal contrasts with activities prescribed by doctors and physiotherapists aiming to improve circulation, decrease inflammation and prevent some diseases. The activities are as follows:
    • Hand degermation;
    • Foot degermation;
    • Semicupio;
    • Galvanic bath.
  • Physiotherapeutic treatment: according to the needs and indication of our doctors and physiotherapists. They are:
    • Italian mud;
    • Diathermy;
    • Inhalation or nebulization;
  • For post-cancer: mud, according to the needs and recommendation of our doctors and physiotherapists.
  • Water Circuit: a sequence of relaxing and therapeutic baths that invigorate and stimulate all the senses. The complete circuit includes:
    • Silt bath;
    • Salt bath;
    • Ice fountain;
    • Ozonated pool with water jets and currents;
    • Antioxidant wine foam shower;
  • Knowledge activities:
    • Lectures on health and wellness.
    • Forum with technical professionals that provide guidance on a healthy lifestyle;
    • Cooking class.
  • Leisure Activities:
    • Movie sessions;
    • Special dinners;
    • Cultural presentations;
    • Live music;
    • Piano Recitals;
    • Games
  • Use of Kurotel’s entire infrastructure:
    • Fitness room;
    • Indoor and outdoor pools;
    • Tennis court;
    • Jogging track;
    • Path of water;
    • Meditation room;
    • Reading room.
  • Hosting
    It is important that our team has concrete information about your health condition so to prescribe you the most appropriate treatment. We understand that sometimes your schedule is full of compromises and, aiming to offer greater convenience, Kurotel is equipped with the latest technology to perform these tests, as well as a complete check-up. For your convenience, you can schedule assessments and examinations during your stay. Remember that those are not included in the program and will be scheduled only with your consent, since it has additional cost. If you prefer, you can do them in your hometown, as long as they get done within three months prior to your arrival. We request that you bring the results with you as well as assessments and imaging tests done in the last year.
    • Complete blood count
    • Sodium
    • Potassium
    • Glucose
    • Creatinine
    • Urea
    • Actium uric
    • Total cholesterol and fractions
    • Triglycerides
    • Ferritin
    • Homocysteine
    • Fibrinogen
    • TGO
    • TGP
    • TSH
    • Examination standard urine ('EQU')
    • C-reactive protein (CRP)
    • Basal cortisol
    • Glycated hemoglobin
    • Vitamin D, 25hidroxi
    • Examination of stools
    • Gamma GT
    • Insulin
    • Platelets
  • Note: Clients who are monitoring thyroid dysfunction, please bring previous tests’ results.
  • The Ergonometric Test is essential for prescribing exercise and to ensure the physical integrity of the client. For clients over 30 years, it is essential (it’s valid for 6 months). This test is also required for people under 30 years old, if there are any risk factors such as obesity, smoking, heart problems or a family history.
    • Weight loss
    • Stress Control
    • Healthy Longevity
    • Post-Cancer
    • Pre-surgical
    • KinderKur
  • To learn more about our programs and find out about our infrastructure, please access
    Kurotel staff appreciates your contact and is available, should you have any further questions.
    Thank you for your preference.
    Kurotel Longevity Medical Center and SPA Technical manager: Doctor Victor Hugo Canto da Fonseca CREMERS 10,251

Observação: para atendê-lo de forma personalizada, é imprescindível conhecer seu quadro clínico. Por isso, solicitamos uma série de exames à você em sua chegada ao Kurotel. A partir dos resultados, nossa equipe médica prescreve as atividades do seu plano de tratamento, junto com os demais profissionais que compõem a equipe técnica. O resultado? Um plano individualizado, focado nos seus objetivos, e com atividades seguras.

Alimentação funcional Kur.

Furthermore, Kurotel offers complimentary optional activities to the weight loss focused program:

  • Medical Acupuncture
    there is evidence that acupuncture may be an adjunctive technique in the process of weight loss, as it acts in neuromodulation, which helps to decrease anxiety and, consequently, excessive hunger.
  • Biochemical Assessment
    Basic blood, urine and feces test for assessment of fats, glucose, and liver, kidney, and thyroid function, which is essential for specific medical and nutritional recommendations.
  • Body Imaging Assessment
    it is very important for those who want to lose weight in order to set concrete and achievable goals. This test is considered the gold standard for body assessment, because it reliably identifies the amount of fat, lean mass and bone mineral component, as well as its distribution.
  • Vitamins, Minerals and Metals Assessment
    calories are important in weight loss process, but nutrients are even more. From the collection of blood and urine, we can tailor diet and supplementation, if necessary.
  • Thorough Physical Assessment
    activity that assesses flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and provides a correct diagnosis to define the best exercise plan for and maintain the weight gained.
  • Comprehensive geriatric assessment
    assessment that uses testings to identify the speed and quality of the aging process, and is followed by specific guidelines to mitigate whatever it takes.
  • Monitored Mental Exercise
    activity guided by yoga instructor with the purpose of promoting a state of relaxation and important meditation so to reduce anxiety and increase awareness regarding food.
  • Food Detective
    59 foods can be assessed, allowing the prescription of a more individualized diet. People with food sensitivities can present very different symptoms from headaches, flatulence, constipation or diarrhea to weight control problems.
  • Hormonal Profile
    blood test that assesses the activities of all functions of the major glands that may be important for metabolism and mood, among others.
  • Personal Trainer
    individualized exercise developed according to the goals to be achieved and to optimize results.
  • Measurements Reduction Program
    a program that combines manual techniques and equipment with the highest technology to reduce measurements of arms, abdomen, flanks, hips, buttocks and knees. It helps optimize the reduction achieved by careful eating and exercising.
  • Pilates with apparatus
    expert instructors will conduct activities that work muscle strength, endurance, breathing and stretching.
  • Weight Loss Cognitive Therapy
    techniques used to improve the relationship with food and body image and that, thereby, improves the maintenance of proper body weight. It is about learning to think thin.
  • Thermography
    it is a technique that allows the mapping of the body or a region from the body temperature. It is a high sensitivity test that helps to show metabolic or structural changes very early, which contributes to the avoidance of diseases and treatment improvement.
  • Ergonometric Test
    it is performed by a cardiologist to assess the cardiovascular system during physical effort, and to identify possible ischemia. It is essential to exercise safely. Furthermore, this test allows you to accurately check the ideal heart rate range for reducing fat in exercise.
  • Obesity Predisposition Test
    it analyzes the genes related to the weight increase as well as those that modulate the sense of satiety which predisposes to compulsive eating. It allows us to further customize your treatment.
  • Lactose Intolerance Predisposition Test
    this test allows the detecting of changes even before the occurrence of symptoms. It has 100 % specificity and efficacy.
  • Gluten Intolerance Predisposition Test
    this analysis allows the detecting of changes even before the occurrence of symptoms of celiac disease (gluten intolerance). A negative result excludes the chances of a patient having or being likely to develop celiac disease in about 98%.

Note: optional activities are indicated according to customer's need, being explained the benefits of each of these to achieve the objectives proposed. Once they have an additional cost, such activities will be scheduled only with consent of the client.