stress control

Stress is a natural phenomenon and inherent to human beings. When managed appropriately, it can bring benefits. However, the disorderly production of cortisol, the stress hormone, causes wear to the body, reduces immunity, causes physical and mental discomfort and can lead to exhaustion and depression. In order to manage stress, is necessary to learn to relax. In Kurotel, the daily schedule of activities at the Center for Stress Control, combined with the guidance of our transdisciplinary team, provides a relaxing experience. This allows you to begin managing stress appropriately in your daily life. Manage stress and gain quality of life in your day-to-day routine. Yes, it is possible. Welcome to the Kurotel’s world.

Não deixe o estresse derrubar você!
Aprenda a contrá-lo no Kurotel.

O que está incluso no tratamento focado no controle do estresse (plano de uma semana)

  • Hospedagem
  • Avaliação médica para controle do estresse (entrevista inicial com médico, avaliando variáveis ligadas ao estresse)
  • Entrevista com psicólogo
  • Acompanhamento com psicoterapia breve focada (quantas sessões forem necessárias)
  • Entrevista com nutricionista
  • Avaliação com fisioterapeuta
  • Entrevista com educador físico
  • Avaliação com dermatologista
  • Entrevista no SPA
  • Aparelhos do Centro de Controle do Estresse (voltado para o relaxamento, com ambiente similar a uma cápsula espacial e salas repletas de estímulos visuais e sonoros)
  • Utilização da sala de fitness e das piscinas
  • Acompanhamento com medição dos sinais vitais diariamente
  • Alimentação funcional (sete refeições diárias; alimentação saudável)
  • Acompanhamento nutricional diário (acompanhamento das nutricionistas em todas as refeições diárias, adequando a cada caso)
  • Fitoterapia (qualidade Kur Pharmacia, com prescrição médica e nutricional, linha natural)
  • Plano alimentar personalizado (plano fornecido e orientado de forma personalizada ao cliente para que possa prosseguir com uma dieta saudável em seu cotidiano)
  • Exercícios físicos diários em grupo, orientados e supervisionados por educadores físicos, instrutores e fisioterapeutas (caminhada, aula de dança, dinâmica corporal, alongamento, circuito de musculação, hidro ball, hidro força, hidro gap, hidro ritmos, hidro deslocamento, hidro flutuação ginástica localizada com banda elástica, step, abdo mind)
  • Sauna seca e úmida
  • Acompanhamento técnico profissional durante toda a estada
  • Massoterapia (três sessões para clientes de uma semana; massagem manual)
  • Unterwassermassage (três sessões para clientes de uma semana; massagem na água com essências)
  • Banhos de extremidades (atividades com contrastes térmicos prescritas pelos médicos e fisioterapeutas objetivando melhora da circulação, diminuição de processos inflamatórios e prevenção de algumas patologias)
  • Circuito das Águas (um circuito completo: banho com lodo; banho com sal; fonte de gelo; ducha de espuma antioxidante e piscina ozonizada com jatos de água e correnteza)
  • Atividades de lazer (palestras sobre saúde, qualidade de vida e bem-estar, fórum que reúne os profissionais da área técnica que fornecem orientações para um estilo de vida mais saudável, sessões de cinema, almoços com aula de culinária no Bistrô do Kur Estação das Águas SPA, jantares especiais, apresentações culturais com música ao vivo)

Observação: Para atendê-lo de forma personalizada, é imprescindível conhecer seu quadro clínico. Por isso, solicitamos uma série de exames à você em sua chegada ao Kurotel. A partir dos resultados, nossa equipe médica prescreve as atividades do seu plano de tratamento,  junto com os demais profissionais que compõem a equipe técnica. O resultado? Um plano individualizado, focado nos seus objetivos, e com atividades seguras.

Relax no Kur Estação das Águas SPA

Além disso, o Kurotel oferece atividades opcionais, complementares ao tratamento focado no controle do estresse

  • Assessment of Stress
    It is an excellent tool for stress management and recovery of vitality. It allows a complete diagnosis of stress, which is analyzed in its dynamic and objective character through inventories that identify the stages and characteristics of mood and anxiety. Concrete strategies are designed to change what causes the suffering.
  • Sleep Hygiene
    Sleep better through guidance from behavioral psychology. Learn about physical and mental relaxation, the influence of the day on the night sleep and what you can do for a better quality sleep. Also for people who wish to stop the use of sleeping medications.
  • Individual Yoga
    Try this other discipline of relaxation. Helps not only to relax but also to learn, train and develop skills that are truly needed. It can be performed by couples or other pairs, like parents and children, even small ones.
  • Watsu
    Gentle technique of deep effect. Made in the heated pool with our physical therapists, provides body freedom and intense relaxation, relieving muscle and psychological tension. You don’t need to know how to swim, because the physical therapist leads you, doing smooth therapeutic manipulations and rhythmic movements. It aims harmonization through tranquility, peace and lightness.
  • Directed Mental Exercise
    Method of deep relaxation, gentle and easy to assimilate. Affects physical, mental and emotional sphere. It can be applied alone or simultaneously with other therapies. Mitigates negative thoughts, stress, anxiety, phobias, insomnia, depression, among others. There are no restrictions on the practice, it is indicated for anyone.
  • Food Detective
    Simple, fast and specific test to identify 59 different foods that can lead to production of IgG antibodies, which may be the cause of over 150 symptoms associated with food intolerance. To perform the test is necessary only one drop of blood. Suitable for events such as headaches, joint pain, migraines, bloating, diarrhea and/or constipation, abdominal pain, nausea, fatigue, depression, fluid retention, urticaria, rhinitis, sinusitis, asthma, arthritis, dermatitis, difficulty in concentrating.
  • Biochemical Assessment
    Laboratory tests are performed on samples of blood, urine and stool. The results allow assessing the composition of the blood sugar levels and uric acid, cholesterol and fractions, testing of renal and hepatic function, quality of urine, feces parasite research, among others. Needed for personalized guidance, is evaluated and discussed by the doctor, and considered by nutritionists on the preparation of your diet.
  • Neuropsychological Assessment Of Memory:
    Assesses cognitive functioning of memory through clinical observation and application of standardized neuropsychological tests and clinical tasks. The assessment shows how the main types of memory are, auditory and visual focused attention, executive functions, intelligence and language related to memory, in order to verify wheatear they are appropriate for age and educational level of the patient. After known the results, the appropriate guidance in level preventive and forwarding is provided, when needed.
  • Evaluation of Vitamins, Minerals and Metals
    Through this analysis, performed on samples of blood and urine, you will know if there is any excess or deficiency of these substances and correct imbalances. These changes, if not corrected, may contribute to the emergence of various problems such as anemia, memory deficits, impaired control of blood sugar levels, increased sensitivity to pain, impairment of taste buds, among others. After the results, you will have a consultation with a nutritionist to understand the results, which will also be discussed by the doctor. You will receive guidance to correct all possible changes and, as needed, they can prescribe you supplements.
  • Hormonal Profile
    Analysis of hormones produced by the endocrine glands pituitary, thyroid, pancreas, adrenal, ovaries and/or testicles. Besides investigating pathologies, the results allow us to identify whether there is any disorder that might hinder the weight loss process and also some organic changes caused by chronic stress. Also, you can check if the levels of your sex hormones are consistent with your age.
  • Exercise Stress Test
    In this test, the cardiologist checks your physical performance on the treadmill. Allows to know how your heart conditions are, and verify the behavior of your blood pressure during stress. Through this test, it is possible to investigate if you have some disturbance in the functioning of the heart that may put you at risk during physical exercises. Eventually, you can identify early ischemia and assess predisposition to acute myocardial infarction. It is extremely important for your safety.
  • Body Imaging Assessment
    Exam considered the gold standard for assessing body. Kurotel is the pioneer in Brazil with the radiological technique that identifies with reliability the amount of fat and lean mass you present, as well as its distribution. With this, you can know if you are within the healthy weight range, as well as understand if fat is compromising your cardiovascular health and/or joint. Sometimes, people considered slim by the scale can have a body composition far from the standard considered healthy, which can be evidenced by this detailed examination. Reviewed by a physician, it is also used by physical education teachers for personalized guidance.

Note: optional activities are indicated according to customer's need, being explained the benefits of each of these to achieve the objectives proposed. Once they have an additional cost, such activities will be scheduled only with consent of the client.