kurotel menu


- What would you like for your lunch tomorrow, Sir? We have options such as Ostrich Fillet to the Orange Sauce, Duck Fillet with Flambéed Apples and Honey, Salmon with Passion Fruit Sauce. Daily, dialogues like this occur in Kurotel’s restaurant. What changes are the dishes offered, which vary according to the day of week and the food needs of those who will be delighted with the meal. But the refinement is always the same: menus carefully planned by internationally renowned chefs, prepared according to the philosophy of functional food, with ingredients harvested in our own garden or purchased from selected suppliers.


The obsession for quality and flavor of food served in the Kur restaurant has been present since its foundation, 30 years ago. In Kur Method, food has always been thought of as a mean of promoting health. It had to be rich in nutrients, awaken the senses of the customer and, when necessary, have low calories.


The kitchen of the Kur has undergone many changes until the ultimately implementation of Kur Longevity Diet. The meals, traditionally balanced and very tasty, were upgraded to haute cuisine quality, created by chefs like Michel Roth, Laurent Soudeau and Luciano Bosseguia. Currently, the French chef Jean Paul Bondoux, from the famous La Bourgogne restaurant, is the responsible for the items of the menu.


The nutritionists of Kur have specialized training in bioavailability, which means going beyond calorie calculation. With the evolution of functional food and clinical diagnoses in patients, the menu now also includes foods free of gluten or other ingredients contraindicated for some people, such as dairy products, eggs and sweeteners. Even for low-calorie diets, the customer chooses among the suggestions, which are varied.


The menu changes weekly. Fresh herbs are the hallmark of our kitchen. Each ingredient in the recipe is tested before going to the menu and all options served have a strict calorie control. At the restaurant, a trolley with natural seasonings circulates among the tables, encouraging customers to explore the senses with items such as oregano, parsley, chives, varied peppers, mustard and curry, among other spices.


Planned in detail, the food of Kur has the distinction of being prepared with great care, providing customers great pleasure at every meal, with the certainty that they are giving their bodies the health they deserve.


The most popular dishes on our menu are the Rosemary Rabbit, Quail with Orange Sauce, Aubergine Lasagna, Cod fish stew, Duck Fillet with Flambéed Apples and Honey, Salmon with Passion Fruit Sauce and the traditional Brazilian dish, rice and beans. Among the desserts, one stands out for being a success for 21 years: Layered Temptation.


In Kurotel, seven meals per day are served. Everything starts in the morning with the breakfast. In mid-morning, a snack is served. Around noon, you have lunch. At the afternoon, two snacks are offered - one at 03:00 and the other at 05:00. At evening, there is the dinner. Finally, the menu of the day ends with the supper.