program focused on tobacco control

Better Health, More Life

Quitting smoking is one of the best decisions you can make. Your life and your family will thank you for it.

You've read that smoking is among the leading causes of deaths that can be avoided on the planet. And that cigarette consumption is closely associated with diseases such as cancer and hypertension, to name two of a long list drawn up by the World Health Organization (WHO).

But this is not enough for you to stop smoking, right? Yes, because it is difficult. We know that.

But what if you think about the big decision you’ve made all throughout your lifetime? There were several, right? Many of them gave you the sweet and pleasant taste of victory and conquest. Others made you proud of the victory over a great opponent. And how many of them put a smile not only on your face, but also on the faces of those whom you really love and care for?

So, that is how 85% of customers who go through Kurotel’s antismoking program feel after quitting smoking. The method we’ve developed is based on an infallible tripod: detoxifying balanced diet, physical activities for lung recovery and psychological follow-up. Add to those respiratory and cardiac tests for assessing their degree of dependence.

And since we know how this opponent is strong, we continue by your side even after your departure. Our psychologist will be in touch with you for six months after your stay at Kurotel, supporting and working with a team by your side.

That is how, together, we will help you defeat this great opponent which is the behavioral and emotional dependence to cigarettes.

Just make your decision. We are here to help you make it happen.

Some benefits of this program:

• Increased self-esteem and self-control;
• Improves the aesthetics of the skin, hair and nails;
• Reduction of anxiety;
• Sleep better;
• Improved sense of smell and taste;
• Improves the health of teeth and gums;
• Increased immunity;
• Detoxification;
• Improved breath for daily activities and exercise;
• Reduction or normalization of hypertension;
• Reduced risk of heart, brain and vascular disease;
• Improves sexual life.

What is included in a week in the program focused on tobacco control

  • Initial medical evaluation: a consultation that will cover, in detail, your family history, allergies, surgeries, lifestyle habits and physical examination in general. Thereafter, you receive specific guidelines of what can be done to live better.
  • Smokefree medical consultation: consists of checking your current stage and monitoring during stop cigarette. Checks your dependency type – whether it is biochemical or emotional-behavioral, evaluates the need for pharmacological treatment with daily revaluation or as needed throughout your stay.
  • Brief psychotherapy monitoring: care focused on tobacco control conducted by psychologist, using behavioral techniques that assist in preventing relapses and in the organization of your healthy lifestyle. Moreover, if everyone agrees, you will be followed-up by a psychologist until six months after leaving Kurotel.
  • Interview with nutritionist: evaluation of your dietary preferences, allergies, intolerances and we also check on your goals. Thus, we analyze the moments in which the cigarette is present and check on important strategies for nutrient replacement and smoking cessation.
  • Assessment with physiotherapist: done by experts in osteopathy, it checks the history of your bone, joint, muscle and visceral health and does a physical examination of the current state of your health. To help recover your respiratory function, often impaired by smoking, some specific therapeutic exercises are done. With a very different and modern approach, from the evaluation guidelines and suggestions for possible treatments are made.
  • Spirometry: is a test that measures your lung and ventilation capacity and is performed and reviewed by the physician. It is of utmost importance for the anti-smoking program, especially if you already have lung disease.
  • Airnergy: three sessions. Smokers may have loss of vascularization and tissue oxygenation. Respiratory Therapy consists of 20 minutes of breathing oxygen-catalyzed which improves your mood and your well-being throughout the day. We measure the oxygen saturation before and after.
  • Inhalation: held on a daily basis, it helps in the detoxification process and airway clearance.
  • Dental evaluation: evaluation of your overall oral health. Our dentist checks the state of your teeth, gums, tongue, and also assesses whether there is the presence of any abnormalities caused by smoking or not.
  • Dermatologic evaluation: medical expert carefully checks your skin, nails and hair, often harmed by cigarettes and gives specific guidelines for prevention and treatment, if any.
  • Interview at the SPA: in order to exactly understand your goal, we ask some questions focused on your desire or need for aesthetic improvement. From this, we can set therapies to reduce measurements, sagging, wrinkles and marks of expression, among others.
  • Technical-professional monitoring: our clinical professionals are at your disposal all throughout your treatment.
  • Nursing team monitoring: with daily checking of vital signs.
  • Creating a personalized schedule of activities: daily monitoring of the programming assistants. Our programmers are at your disposal to align professional information with your preferences and to organize your day.
  • Functional diet: we offer seven daily meals. After medical and nutritional evaluation, we determine the number of calories, which can range from 800 to 3500, according to your needs and objectives, taking into account food intolerances as well as your metabolic function and nutritional needs. Our gourmet menu, developed by renamed chefs, is very varied and tasty and offers free choices.
  • Daily nutritional monitoring: monitoring of nutritionists at all meals, suitable to your needs and preferences, and guidance on healthy eating habits.
  • Herbal medication and teas associated with treatment: natural products and supplements with medical and nutritional prescription.
  • Customized detoxification diet: functional diet designed by our nutritionists which provides proper detoxification for your body, thus reducing the urge to smoke.
  • Daily group exercises guided and supervised by physical education instructors, trainers and physiotherapists: group classes raise endorphin levels - the welfare hormone - and promote self-esteem and energy expenditure, as well as integration and fun of the group being treated.
    • Hiking
    • Dance lessons
    • Body dynamics
    • Stretching
    • Weight training circuit
    • Waterball
    • Water power
    • Water gap
    • Water circuit
    • Water displacement
    • Water fluctuation
    • Pre-pilates
    • Fitball
    • Running class
    • Yoga
    • Meditation
  • Final medical evaluation: analysis of results and customized guidance for continuing treatment at home.
  • Medical Folder: at the end of the program we give you a folder with tests, assessments, customized diet and recommendations for daily maintenance of your treatment.
  • Sauna and steam: with space for rest and whirlpool.
  • Massage-therapy: three sessions. It is a manual massage therapy recommended for the relief of muscle tension and pain, which contributes to greater physical and mental relaxation.
  • Underwater massage: three sessions. Bath 100 water jets that massage the body for 20 minutes, providing intense relaxation. Recommended for circulatory problems, improves muscle tone, performs a lymphatic drainage and betters your health as a whole.
  • Extremity baths: thermal contrasts with activities prescribed by doctors and physiotherapists aiming to improve circulation, decrease inflammation and prevent some diseases. The activities are as follows:
    • Hand degermation;
    • Foot degermation;
    • Semicupio;
    • Galvanic bath.
  • Physiotherapeutic treatment: according to the needs and indication of our doctors and physiotherapists. They are:
    • Italian mud;
    • Diathermy;
    • Inhalation or nebulization;
  • For post-cancer: mud, according to the needs and recommendation of our doctors and physiotherapists.
  • Water Circuit: a sequence of relaxing and therapeutic baths that invigorate and stimulate all the senses. The complete circuit includes:
    • Silt bath;
    • Salt bath;
    • Ice fountain;
    • Ozonated pool with water jets and currents;
    • Antioxidant wine foam shower;
  • Knowledge activities:
    • Lectures on health and wellness.
    • Forum with technical professionals that provide guidance on a healthy lifestyle;
    • Cooking class.
  • Leisure Activities:
    • Movie sessions;
    • Special dinners;
    • Cultural presentations;
    • Live music;
    • Piano Recitals;
    • Games
  • Use of Kurotel’s entire infrastructure:
    • Fitness room;
    • Indoor and outdoor pools;
    • Tennis court;
    • Jogging track;
    • Path of water;
    • Meditation room;
    • Reading room.
  • Hosting
    It is important that our team has concrete information about your health condition so to prescribe you the most appropriate treatment. We understand that sometimes your schedule is full of compromises and, aiming to offer greater convenience, Kurotel is equipped with the latest technology to perform these tests, as well as a complete check-up. For your convenience, you can schedule assessments and examinations during your stay. Remember that those are not included in the program and will be scheduled only with your consent, since it has additional cost. If you prefer, you can do them in your hometown, as long as they get done within three months prior to your arrival. We request that you bring the results with you as well as assessments and imaging tests done in the last year.
    • Complete blood count
    • Sodium
    • Potassium
    • Glucose
    • Creatinine
    • Urea
    • Actium uric
    • Total cholesterol and fractions
    • Triglycerides
    • Ferritin
    • Homocysteine
    • Fibrinogen
    • TGO
    • TGP
    • TSH
    • Examination standard urine ('EQU')
    • C-reactive protein (CRP)
    • Basal cortisol
    • Glycated hemoglobin
    • Vitamin D, 25hidroxi
    • Examination of stools
    • Gamma GT
    • Insulin
    • Platelets
  • Note: Clients who are monitoring thyroid dysfunction, please bring previous tests’ results.
  • The Ergonometric Test is essential for prescribing exercise and to ensure the physical integrity of the client. For clients over 30 years, it is essential (it’s valid for 6 months). This test is also required for people under 30 years old, if there are any risk factors such as obesity, smoking, heart problems or a family history.
    • Weight loss
    • Stress Control
    • Healthy Longevity
    • Post-Cancer
    • Pre-surgical
    • KinderKur
  • To learn more about our programs and find out about our infrastructure, please access
    Kurotel staff appreciates your contact and is available, should you have any further questions.
    Thank you for your preference.
    Kurotel Longevity Medical Center and SPA Technical manager: Doctor Victor Hugo Canto da Fonseca CREMERS 10,251

Observação: Para atendê-lo de forma personalizada, é imprescindível conhecer seu quadro clínico. Por isso, solicitamos uma série de exames à você em sua chegada ao Kurotel. A partir dos resultados, nossa equipe médica prescreve as atividades do seu plano de tratamento,  junto com os demais profissionais que compõem a equipe técnica. O resultado? Um plano individualizado, focado nos seus objetivos, e com atividades seguras.


Exercícios físicos diários em grupo.

Furthermore, Kurotel offers complementary optional activities to the tobacco control focused program:

  • Medical Acupuncture
    work show that acupuncture is an adjunct technique to stopping smoking. With this technique, it is possible to reduce anxiety and cigarette craving, thus improving the wellness and the chances of success.
  • Biochemical Assessment
    Basic blood, urine and feces test for assessment of fats, glucose, liver function, and kidney, and thyroid, which is basic for specific medical and nutritional recommendations.
  • Cardiac Assessment
    geared toward certification for proper functioning of the heart and the entire circulatory system.
  • Body Imaging Assessment
    longtime smokers may have more difficulty forming bone and lean mass. This test is considered the gold standard for assessing body because it reliably identifies the amount of fat, lean mass and bone mineral component, as well as its distribution.
  • Vitamins, Minerals and Metals Assessment
    There is often nutrient depletion with chronic use of cigarettes. From the important collection of blood and urine, we can adapt dieting and supplementation, if necessary.
  • Thorough Physical Assessment
    An activity that assesses flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and provides a correct diagnosis to define the best exercise plan.
  • Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment
    An assessment that uses testings to identify the quality and speed of the aging process, followed by specific guidelines to ease whatever is needed.
  • Dental Whitening
    Activity done by the dentist who wants to make teeth whiter, which is especially suitable for people who want to stop smoking, because it ends up serving as a further stimulus for self-care.
  • Monitored Mental Exercise
    A meditation technique that can help reduce cigarette cravings and facilitate the abandonment of tobacco, as shown by the scientific evidence.
  • Respiratory Therapy
    It is always recommended if the clinic or the spirometry shows dysfunction, for it is intended to improve lung capacity of smokers, thus contributing to the breath and disposal.
  • Urogynecological Physiotherapy
    Assessment and training of pelvic floor and musculature which is important in the control of urine and sexual activity.
  • Sleep Hygiene
    Guidelines and techniques to improve the quality of hours during the day and have more restful sleep at night.
  • Tumor Markers
    Blood tests that assess early changes in liver, pancreas, biliary tract, lungs, breast, ovary and uterus, prostate, and the small and large intestines. If changes are found, they should be investigated with specific image tests.
  • Pilates with apparatus
    Besides providing stretching and muscular strengthening, this method completely works the breathing, and is a recommended exercise for this stage.
  • Thermography
    It is a technique that allows you to map a region of the body or from the body temperature. It is an examination of high sensitivity that helps to show structural or metabolic changes very early, thus contributing to the avoidance of diseases and treatment improvement.
  • Stress Testing
    Performed by a cardiologist to assess the cardiovascular system during physical effort, and identify possible ischemia. It is essential to exercise safely.
  • Watsu
    Relaxation activity in the water, where the instructor leads the client to a slip and deep state of relaxation.

Note: optional activities are indicated according to customer's need, being explained the benefits of each of these to achieve the objectives proposed. Once they have an additional cost, such activities will be scheduled only with consent of the client.