30 years of kurotel

In 2012, the Kurotel completes 30 years with focus on health promotion. In those three decades, Kurotel inspired many professionals and businesses. Other clinics, spas and medical spas were built influenced by the history of success of Kurotel. The Kurotel case became benchmarking, a reference in the segment of health with focus on prevention, and gained international hors concours status.
"Back in 1982, that was not very accepted and understood by people because, until then, medicine was used to treat the disease rather that promote health," recalls Dr. Luis Carlos Silveira, partner and co-founder of Kurotel.
Today, these concepts have changed. Studies of the World Health Organization (WHO) indicate that 53% of the factors that lead to a longer and healthier life are directly related to lifestyle.
The Kur method also evolved, incorporating new technologies and scientific studies with proven efficacy and promoting adaptations to the rhythm of the people. Throughout these 30 years, the Kur Pharmacy and the Kur Cosmetics were born, and the Kur Water Station SPA, the Kurotel’s SPA, was built.
But there is one thing that never changed: the philosophy of Kurotel, which guides the Longevity Medical Center and Spa since its founding. That means the preventive health care for not having to treat the disease later. The focus on the prevention.
Welcome to Kurotel’s world!